Saturday, September 17, 2011

New Halloween Panda bear and dog on eBay

I have 2 new Halloween pieces listed on eBay right now.

My first piece is my Corgi Beagle mix. She is named "Sorceress Pumpkin". Who is Sorceress Pumpkin you might ask? Well, she reigns over all of the Halloween pumpkins in Halloween world. She decides if a pumpkin is too big or too small, whether or not it will be carved for the Witches Halloween ball, or given to the mice to eat. It's a tough job to pick just the right Jack O'lantern, but Sorceress Pumpkin has perfected her job quite well.

Sorceress Pumpkin is listed in a 5 day auction which end Wed, Sept 21st.

Next I have a Halloween Panda bear, named "Merlin the Marvelous". I just love Merlin the Marvelous! Merlin of course is a Wizard and comes from a family full of Wizards and Witches. Each Wizard and Witch has a special job they train for, and Merlin's job is to make sure the moon and stars are shinning bright on Halloween night. He spends all year long polishing the stars to shine like jewels and the moon to sparkle like a diamond.

Merlin is listed in a 3 day auction with a Buy it Now option. His auction will end on Tuesday, Sept 20th.


  1. Magic once again Karen - you do amazing things with your craft!! Love these two new creations! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Thank you Robin. I really appreciate all of your sweet comments. :)