Monday, February 2, 2009

Valentine's Day fun stuff....

I thought I would show you bits and pieces of my Valentine's Day displays. I like to decorate for winter right after Christmas. I have a collection of snowmen I like to put out. It makes cleaning up the Christmas decor a little better. I have vintage Valentine cards, paper hearts, vintage putz houses and bottle brush trees mixed in with my collectibles. It really make things bright and cheery during the dull rainy(if you live in Tennessee)winter months. Enjoy!

A Monkey Party!!!

We had a birthday party a week ago for my daughters 2nd birthday. She loves Curious George and monkeys! I decorated the table with some of her stuffed monkeys and fun cupcakes. I didn't even have a birthday cake this year, just cupcakes. They were so fun and every body LOVED them! From now on it's cupcakes all the way.

We took a family photo but neither kid smiled. My 6 year old looks stunned and the birthday girl looks like she's afraid giant birds will swoop down from the sky and take her away! :) Oh well, there's always next year.